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Welcome to the Wine Wendy Wellness Community! The first thing you should know is, it's not all about wine. Many of my friends  in this wellness community know me for my love of Essential Oils, are part of my Book Club, or are exploring elements of the Keto Lifestyle with me.

I chose the "Wine Wendy" brand partly because I have a tendency to get serious, pack everything in, and forget that life (and work) should always have some element of FUN.

For me, a clean glass of wine and great conversation is the kind of fun that keeps me going with my busy work schedule and hectic family logistics. Every time I invest time in creating the resources here it reminds me to do things I love, to enjoy the journey, and to put in the effort to connect with others.

As you browse through my website, I hope you find something fun or useful to support you in your wellness journey. Just remember that everything you do that's good for you is progress. Don't wait for perfect. Do what you can and stay connected to a community that keeps pushing you forward.

"Being well can't be all-or-nothing. We've got to find our way to wellness in every area of our lives, but with ease, over time, and in community."

~Wendy Kelley


One of My Favorite Things
The Right Wine

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A Beautiful Bottle of Wine...

Not All Wine is Created Equal

If you've ever met me, you know I'm pretty down to earth. I don't pride myself on perfection because I learned a long time ago that an awesome, vibrant life isn't about being perfect. It's about growing, doing what you can day by day.

It's about learning, and changing what you can along the way to make life better for yourself and those you love.

One of the major shifts I've made in the past few years is be more mindful of what is in the things I eat and drink. It's not just about what you're eating anymore...the way it's grown, processed, and packaged has a huge impact on your body when you consume it. There's all kinds of crazy additives and toxins lurking in foods that once seemed harmless.

The biggest culprit in my life: Wine.

I only recently realized that wine manufacturers aren't required to label what's in the bottle the way other food and beverage makers are. The wine I was drinking was a source of toxins, sugars, and headache-inducing additives that my life is better off without.

I'm grateful to have found some truly clean wines that boil down to basically tasty grapes and love, with no toxins thank you very much. If you want to taste the difference for yourself, let's talk. I offer free tastings regularly and would love to have you attend.

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Free Wine Education

...just for Fun

Because wine is so fun to me, I've been letting my curiosity run wild, learning what I can, and enjoying the whole exploration process. If you're curious to learn some fun wine trivia, tips for enjoying wine and feeling well, I'd love to share the things I've picked up along the way!

Since I'm a busy, working mom I've collected easily digestible "lessons" on wine, and made it so that you can get them in your inbox every few weeks. They're short and fun and can be enjoyed in less than the time it takes to enjoy a glass of wine.

Just sign up in the form here and I'll send them to you. I'd love to have you come along for my fun wine exploration!

Some Wine Class Topics:

  • Wine Additives + Labeling Issues
  • Sulfites + Tannins
  • Serving and Storing Wine for Best Taste
  • ...and more!
What's in Your Wine Glass

What's in Your Wine Glass

FREE Wine Education

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See What's Happening in the Community

Wine Wendy - Community Calendar

I've put together a calendar of the different activities happening in the Wine Wendy Wellness Community!

You will find a wide mix of activities on the calendar. Most of them are open to you if you let me know you're interested. Shoot me an email if something interests you, and remember that I add new private events all the time.

Ask me about setting up something for you and your friends, or as a customer appreciation event in your business. I look forward to connecting with you in this community.

Common Event Types:

Free Wine Tastings

Essential Oil Education

Book Club Activities

...and more!